Dragon Age: Search for the Dalish

Of Opals and Elves

Zegrid, Orianne, Calder, Aidan, Morwyn, Unathe, and Alfeth separated from the grateful Dalish family just outside Southmere. As they travelled north toward Calder and Aidan’s hometown, they encountered Lupe, who rejoined their party. On the road, they met a merchant who told them he had been robbed of his merchandise, including an enormous opal. He offered a reward for its return, and agreed to stay in place for twenty-four hours. Calder and Aidan stayed behind as the rest of the party tracked the raiders into a forest, which was laden with traps.

They met a farmer who said that the raiders, of whom his son was one, had just kidnapped his young daughter and carried her deeper into the forest. The party continued on to an ancient open-air ruin, to find the raiders cloaked and the girl bound. They were summoning a rage demon by reuniting the huge opal with a stone idol, with the intent to have the demon possess the girl.

Lupe tried to sneak past the leader to steal the opal, but was unsuccessful. The demon possessed him, and the party fought, ultimately killing the demon and the farmer’s son. The rest of the group ran, and the party reunited the girl with her father. The party disagreed on what to do with the stolen goods, but decided to keep their word and return them to the merchant.

Along the way back, Unathe stole the opal from Orianne and hid it. They didn’t notice until much later, and backtracked to find it, finding a few jewels and trinkets, but not the opal. They ended up spending the night at the farmer’s house, and when the twenty-four hours passed, Unathe confessed and produced the opal. The party reunited with Calder and Aidan and took them home.

After leaving the two farmers, the rest of the party continued to Denerim to sell their finds. Zegrid, Lupe, and Alfeth had to stay outside the city because of their recent experience there, but the others sold the goods and picked up a few items. Orianne returned to the camp with the others’ money, but Lupe and Unathe stayed in the city, where they met Santino, an Antivan whom they found appealing.

The next morning, the two of them introduced Santino to the rest of the party. He decided to accompany them southward, because he was told there would be fun and money.

The party (except Unathe and her horse Stompy) boarded a boat and travelled southward, along the way learning more and more about the strange goings-on at Viventer. It seemed some residents were leaving, and stories were being told about some tainted animals.

They reunited with Unathe at Mayfield and continued to Viventer, where they came upon a farmstead populated with tainted crows and wolves. After dispatching them, the party found several dead bodies. Unathe spotted the name Elgar’nan, the elven god of vengeance, written in blood on a wall. Alfeth suggested she remove it and not mention it to the others for the time being.

The party also found a severely wounded Dalish girl, tended her as well as possible, and travelled back to Mayfield with a cart and horse from the farm. Some of them, including the injured elf, spent the night in the Chantry. The rest camped nearby.


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